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As good as a herb garden in your freezer : Introducing FreshLife frozen herbs

Spice up your cooking and bring flair to your kitchen with a totally new range of herbs : FreshLife Frozen herb are set to revolutionise the way Australians cook.

Completely natural and delivering far better taste and quality than dry herbs or pastes, the FreshLife Frozen Herbs range includes parsley, basil, ginger and garlic.

Unlike other ready to use herbs, FreshLife Frozen Herbs are 100% herbs with no additives, preservatives or other added nasties. The taste, aroma, texture, look and feel of FreshLife Frozen Herbs is totally natural, as though you’ve just picked them yourself.

FreshLife Frozen herbs are washed, diced and frozen within hours of harvest, guaranteeing all the flavor and fragranceof freshly picked herbs.

All crops are cultivated by highly skilled growers who only use seeds from reliable suppliers and are not from genetically modified sources.

Unlike fresh herbs and other ready to use herbs, Fresh Life Frozen Herbs have a storage life of up to three years, minimizing waste. Quality herbs have never been more convenient and easy to incorporate into your favourite recipes.

Herbs are the foundation of every great meal so add your own touch to every meal with FreshLife Frozen Herbs.

FreshLife Frozen Herbs are available in the freezer at Woolworth’s, Coles and selected independent supermarkets.

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